About me

👋 I’m Francois, I work as Software engineer at Startree whre I work on providing Apache Pinot on demand.

I like to talk about tech and related topics. Currently into Rust, Functional Programming, Scala, and Orchestration things (Not only Kubernetes tho)

I’m the chairman of the Montpellier TechHub association and organizer of the tech conference SunnyTech both in Montpellier, France

I’m also a public speaker in tech conference around the world. Check references for more informations

This blog is mostly a compilation of links and various informations I find interesting or I want to share.

Latest Blog Post

Welcome on my blog 31 Oct 2019 . misc . Comments

This is the first blog post of this site.

I think it will not be a really busy one but, hey, I wanted to try to host a statically generated website on github with github actions ¯\\(ツ)/¯ And since I’m missing a place to just push some content when I need it was time to start it.

Thanks to the peoples behind repo for the theme as my design skills are awfull

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  • July 2021

    Cloud engineer @ Startree

  • September 2019

    Software engineer @ Elastic

  • Avril 2018

    Tech lead cloud @ Saagie

  • September 2017

    Organizer Sunny Tech

  • September 2016

    Lead DevOps @ TabMo

  • September 2016

    Chairman Montpellier Tech Hub

  • September 2015

    DevOps & Backend developer @ BeOp

  • 2010

    Developer @ various employers



This section will link all my talks (and associated video if they exists)

Le design de l’erreur

Devfest Toulouse 2019

Mon premier service en Rust

BDX I/O 2018, Touraine Tech 2019, Breizhcamp 2019, Devoxx 2019, Mix-IT 2019

Architecture migroservice

JugSummerCamp 2017, Codeurs en Seine 2018, SnowCamp 2019, DevFest Lille 2019, RivieraDev 2019, BDX I/O 2019

Devops ? C’est comme Scrum mais avec Docker …

Devoxx Maroc 2018

SystemD, de /dev/null à root

Devfest Toulouse 2018

L’UX a sauvé mon DevOps

DevFestToulouse 2017, Devops DDay 2017, DevFest Nantes 2017, RivieraDev 2018, DevFest Lilles 2018, Devops Rex 2018, DevFest BoutDuMonde 2019

Au secours, ma prod est sous Docker !

DevFest Toulouse 2016, Devoxx 2017, MixIt 2017, RivieraDev 2017

Un PaaS en 20 min pour votre équipe

Devfest Nantes 2016

They talk about us !

Here is all the references of reviews of my work or talks